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If you want to know what others think about Sean Colangelo and Roman Wealth Management services, here you go –

We have been investing with Roman Wealth management for over a decade and we can honestly say that no one takes more time with us and genuinely cares about us more than the team at Roman.  We feel safe and confident in our ability to reach our goals.  Sean Colangelo and his team did an amazing job.

Lisa A.

We interviewed TD, RBC and Investors group before choosing to work with Roman.  It was the best decision we could have made.  Over the years the added attention they provided ensured that we were not surprised by any market events, as we were able to be proactive in our planning. 

Tyler P.

My business is my whole life.  I have always thought of it as my retirement plan.  The tax advice and financial planning I received at Roman maximized the corporate dollars used to fund my retirement.   This was over and above what I anticipated my after tax wealth transfer to look like.  I am truly grateful for all they have done for me.

Arnold T.

The Roman team of investment, estate and financial planners are a rare combination of experience, expertise and concern for our well-being.

Adam B.

For years was used to being treated as a number by my local bank.  Until I met the team at Roman, I believed that the occasional reviews and cookie cutter solutions I was getting were the industry standard.  Roman showed me that our goals were unique to our family. The needs of our family were as important to our advisors as they were to us.  We weren’t a small fish in a big pond, but a unique family with unique goals.  Our reviews happened more frequently and our advisory team was always available.  We weren’t passed off to a secretary every time we had a concern.

This is how wealth management was meant to be.

Michael M.

I feel valued and appreciated. Thank you Roman.

Leighton T.

I have worked my entire life to accumulate my wealth.  To me I am a high value and high net worth client.  I was used to focusing only on the investment portion of my financial plan and these left huge gaps when I started to think about retirement.  When I made the move to Roman the comprehensive wealth management approach helped me to improve my portfolio and vastly increase the value of my estate.  I can now rest easy knowing that my financial affairs are in order and I have a plan that covers all the areas of my financial well being.

Leon U.

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