How to Make Money via Online Portals – Sean Colangelo

There are many online portals where you can easily earn money for your living and live a lavish life. Sean Colangelo an investment banker and an expert financial adviser, shares some important tips about online money making trick and tips.

Here are some of the best online portals where someone can easily earn money –

Affiliate marketing – affiliate marketing is one of the easy and most popular platform where you can easily earn money. Amazon, snapdeal are few but most popular eCommerce websites where you can easily earn money by affiliation.

Google Ads – If you are running a blog or a website and have a verified Google adsence account, you can easily earn money by publishing ads in your blog or website.

Blogging – Guest blogging or paid blogging is other major aspect where you can easily earn money.

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Youtube Videos – The same advertisers who run ads on your videos are often willing to pay you for in video mentions and sponsorships. Have you ever seen one of your favorite YouTubers recommending subscription razors or loot boxes? More often than not, these are paid sponsorships or endorsements.

Now, the amount of money you can make doing this varies based on the niche you are in and the size of your audience. Using myself as an example, I usually get around 10,000 to 15,000 views on an average video. I will frequently receive paid sponsorship offers in the neighborhood of $500 to $1,000 per video.

Final thoughts of Sean Colangelo –

At the tip of the day, diversification is that the name of the sport with YouTube.

I will tell you from my very own expertise that merely wishing on ad revenue isn’t a winning strategy. There square measure unnumberable ways that to create cash with associate degree audience, even on top of and on the far side those mentioned here on this list.

What I actually have continually found with my channel is that i buy paid in direct proportion to the worth I offer. If I will increase the quantity of individuals I offer price to, or perhaps offer a lot of price to my existing audience, my financial gain can increase furthermore. If cash is your focus with a channel or on-line business, begin by specializing in price and also the cash can follow.

Your next step from here is to urge started along with your channel. If you’re already a longtime channel, take into account what alternative ways for creating cash square measure a decent suited you. it’s necessary to create one financial gain stream at a time. If you are doing everything quickly, like making an attempt to create out a web log and a Patreon web site at constant time, you’ll overwhelm yourself and break down. Baby steps!

What technique for creating cash on YouTube interests you the most?

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